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    Essentially all the compartments of my brain spilled onto one web page. With lots of Sex and the City references.

    Once again, it's been a f***ing long time since I posted or wrote. But instead of finding ways to excuse myself, let's just get over that, no one really reads this anyway. 

    In order to get from September, to now, here's a whole bunch of stuff that's been in the good side of my brain throughout this Autumn to Winter transition. More like Summer to Winter in England however.

    I'm still making monthly playlists on my Spotify. Mostly because when I revisit old ones I'm reminded of good times, where so many memories and places are tied to songs. Recently, I've been really liking:

    Jaden Smith - The Sunset Tapes: This album is, simply put, 11 really good songs. There's a mix of moods and paces. They're also more than suitable for stomping past tourists on your way to work and uni.

    Lily Allen - No Shame: I heard one song from this earlier this year, but hadn't listened to the full thing properly until now. And it's also just REALLY GOOD. I previously haven't liked her music that much, but this one is so different, and yet still her own.

    Russo - House with a Pool: This album is only 7 songs, but 7 great ones at that. A nice alternative to overly poppy songs, with my personal favourite being Joyride because of it's echoey, middle-of-nowhere-happy vibe.

    Wafia - I'm Good: This is a song I heard in Starbucks at some point and ended up singing in my head for the next 2 days. So catchy, so [much] fun, and all-round feel good tune. Another great song for fast walking and proving you belong in a city setting.

    I haven't been reading that much, besides uni books (kind of). However, when I left my summer job, the lovely people at work got me In Paris by Jeanne Damas and Lauren Bastide. They clearly learned a lot about me in the space of 2 months. If you know me, you know it takes me about 3 days for me to mention my love for all things Paris to new people. The book travels across Paris through the lives of its very own utterly cool French women. And there are lots of pictures, which makes it even better. One could say that it's the rule book of how to be the ultimate non-French, French girl.

    This month I discovered a new Instagram account that sells second-hand furniture and decor, and there are currently about 30 of their posts in my saved section. Through this account I realised I had an unknown love for modernist interiors, specifically the work of Breuer, of which I also have a ton of pictures saved. Maybe it's because I've been living in my own proper space or because his work is right up my street of minimalism, but I've been so interested in furniture and interior design of certain eras.

    I've been writing songs since forever, and I finally wrote one that I felt was worth putting out into the online universe. It's not perfect because it's a rough attempt at producing on my part, and I don't yet completely understand EQ and other music production features. However, it's here, and free to listen to if you want to. I'm hoping to upload some more once they're sounding a bit more "professional". I am using that term very loosely though.

    If you got this far, thanks for reading. 
    (I) Appreciate it.

    . Wednesday 28 November 2018 .

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    . Tuesday 2 October 2018 .

    In order to actually write about clothes and "fashion" on here like I pretend I do, what follows is a load of my opinions (surprise) on the recent NY Fashion Week shows. Actually, a more accurate way to describe what I'm about to write is just a bunch of my personal favourites, and the trends that were very apparent across the majority of designers. A heads up - most of what I like is wearable, which I guess is why I like it. As opposed to the supposedly groundbreaking, sometimes very weird clothing that appears on the runway.

    I also intend to write about the other 3 weeks that took place, but let's start at the beginning with,


    Brandon Maxwell was just all round beautiful, and made for every woman and girl that wants to feel like just that. The colours were completely spring/summer to a T. And although I wouldn't consider it normal for me to leave the house in bright fuschias and olive-lime greens, in the parallel universe where I am, of course, a millionaire, my whole entire wardrobe would be filled with the collection's silks and floaty materials. Think along the lines of that all-white scene in Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby, the breezy sheer curtains and all. That's where these clothes are to be worn. They deserve it.

    Maryam Nasir Zadeh was on SUCH a Carrie Bradshaw wave. And yes, I am bias. We all know SATC is my favourite show blah blah blah. But these clothes, and the way they were styled, were like a 2018 revamp of Patricia Field's costume design from the show. From the midriffs to the blazers with micro-shorts, to the garish, out-of-character necklaces, this collection was like a 10 minute flashback to the woman we all want to dress like. And now can. In the parallel universe of course, where I'm not dependent on a student loan.

    Sally LaPointe was new to me. Never heard of her before. But now wish I had because I'm slightly embarrassed about how much I loved her collection, and how little I'd known about her as a designer. Within about 5 minutes of the showing, there were instagram stories from every single "cool" fashion girl I follow. Obviously I had to watch all these shows much later on, via a streaming platform online. But either way the blend of nude tones, with sudden vibrant pinks, and the intergration of PVC AND faux fur had every aesthetic instagram going crazy - in a good way. Thus hitting all the trend points of the season, whilst also looking like something you could wear to a fancy event - which you'd only get invited to for wearing these clothes.

    Sjes Marjan was just good. That's it really. So good. All the colours mixed so well. The cuts were fun and structural at the same time. The vibes were just cool. This is the collection that you wish you could wear, but would feel a little out of your depth in whilst on your weekly shop at Tesco. For the most part, a lot of the collection was monochrome, until you were struck by a dark lilac combination, or a searing ripe orange. The runway was cool. The styling was cool. It was just, once again, SO GOOD. And apparently indescribable because I'm really struggling to come up with anything else.

    Tibi is one of my absolute favourite brand always. And somehow they seem to impress more and more with every collection. They do suits in the best way. If you are wanting to invest in a suit, go there. Honestly, I have waaaaaay too many images of Tibi suits from so many collections saved into my phone. What I learned from this season's collection was that they also do colour really well. The subtle pastel green silk/satin piece for example. There are no words, it's beyond beautiful. The tied suit with flip flops. The all-white mesh styling. The giant bags being coddled under-arm as opposed to using the handles for their actual purpose. ALL GENIUS. In my opinion anyway. Want every single piece, even if none of it would fit me.

    Tom Ford isn't usually a show that I'm fussed by but it fell into my favourites this time because it was just so true to his brand. And the darkness of the set and a lot of the fits, made the pinks and purples even more prominent. Although I don't love the use of animal skin, which I'm not sure was real or not, I liked that he kept it elegant and outrageous. A good blend of the two. And whilst there were men in this show, as with many of the shows actually, the pieces of womenswear were made with women in mind, which isn't always the case. They were sensual and strong, almost hinting at similar themes seen in collections by MaxMara. Which is a good thing.

    If you've made it this far, thanks.
    Hopefully I'll get round to writing about my favourites of the other cities,


    . Monday 17 September 2018 .

    I have almost come to the end of my year out. And I'm about to start something completely different, and go back to studying. Loads of people I know have already done a year of this, so it's not a big deal, but it is something I'm still afraid of; I'm still nervous for. I'm also excited, because I get to be out of full time work. I'm also waaay too excited about decorating a new room. Even if that means buying a plant pot and a poster that I can't hang up. 

    If you, one of the three people who read this, aren't sure whether a gap year is a good idea, I will 100% say that it is. It just is. And that's all there is really. It may not be for everyone, but you don't know until you take the risk. It also is very dependent on how you use it. For example, a gap year is amazing if you can plan, and afford, travelling around the world - this is unofficially called a "gap yaar". A gap year can also be amazing if you want to spend half of it at home and half of it living anywhere else. Maybe you want to make some money to cover what your student loan most likely won't. Or maybe you just want to get used to living alone, and learn how to use a washing machine or deal with budgeting weekly food shops and creating recipes. Either way, if you aren't ready for the seemingly large step to university, you don't have to follow everyone else. And they won't tell you this, but you can always defy your teachers and check the "defer" box on your ucas. 

    I might do a follow up post listing things I've learned over the past year. 
    But for now here's some more film from this past year, some more recent, some not.



    . Saturday 28 July 2018 .

    I'm back in London, and it's hot and feels like I'm actually in the middle of Greece or something. Mid-melting and sweating out of every pore, I remembered I had 3 rolls of film to develop. And because London is a million steps ahead of every other british city I found a snappy snaps 2 minutes from the place I'm staying. And I got them developed. And they're all really cute to look back on and realise how much the company you keep makes a place. The people make the memory. I may not want to be back in Sunderland by any means, but I'd give anything and everything to be with the people who've moulded so much of this year for me. Some of whom photograph well, and some of whom didn't get the memo that I'd be snapping away without notice.